What you need to know about the top 3 cryptocurrency tokens

What you need to know about the top 3 cryptocurrency tokens

As the cryptocurrency markets continue to grow, we see more great projects popping up that offer innovation backed by Blockchain, but we need to understand where adoption is being driven from. Below we will cover a list of the top 3 cryptocurrency tokens by market cap, considering the number of tokens available vs the price it’s set at. This list in no way represents our feelings on the top 3 cryptocurrency tokens, but rather what the market is currently dictating. We hope this list helps you learn more about each cryptocurrency and advances your confidence in partaking in the cryptocurrency community. The top 3 cryptocurrency tokens, according to market cap, are currently:

● Bitcoin $149.7bn: BTC can be accredited as the first successful cryptocurrency as well as being the first introduction to Blockchain technology, the founding technology of the cryptocurrency revolution. The BTC whitepaper was released via a cryptography mailing list in 2008 and later finalized its network in 2009, the creator and author are still unknown to this day although the name Satoshi Nakamoto is attached to all the document releases. BTC was created to act as a global currency enabling fast, secure and transparent transactions without the need of a third party, eg. Banks, PayPal. The first BTC purchase was for 10 000 BTC in exchange for two Papa Johns pizza, thanks to programmer Laszlo Hanyecz and BitcoinTalk. BTC has now gone on to see highs of $20, 000 USD per token, being taken back a bit, but still hodling in high regards to most.

● Ethereum $19.8bn: Launched in 2015 by Blockchain enthusiast and programmer, Vitalik Burtin, and funded by the cryptocurrency community in the first ICO ever, Ethereum brought great Blockchain use cases forward in a scene where it was only revolutionizing finance. Through the Ethereum scripting and Blockchain, other users can create cryptocurrency tokens to be distributed by smart contracts. Ethereum was an incredible step forward in realizing the potential of Blockchain technology but the chain was too slow so Vitalik forked it, creating Ethereum and renaming the old chain as Ethereum Classic. Ethereum has created an innovative platform allowing anybody to utilize the benefits of cryptocurrency, even sparking the CryptoKitties collectible craze that’s traffic so drastically decreased transaction time but increased mainstream media interest.

● XRP $12.5bn: Recognized as a real-life money settlement system, XRP is supposed to lay quick close in use case to BTC but facilitates banks in the transfer of fiat too. Ripple has received a lot of reviews from the cryptocurrency community for its questionably decentralized nature but it has also driven a lot of mainstream attention in as it offers fiat users a taste of a faster system. Ripple was co-founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb, released in 2012. The cryptocurrency has gone on to do great things for adoption, as well as seeing Ashton Kutcher give Ellen Degeneres a $4 Million USD donation in XRP on world-wide television, which surely drove interest into a good portion of her millions of viewers. XRP may not be your standard cryptocurrency but it’s been a great entry point for many people and should be appreciated for doing such. Ripple also has a very stable support line, meaning many traders have only seen profits on the volatility without fear of going below 0.2.

That may be the current top 3 cryptocurrency tokens but they don’t nearly cover the capabilities of Blockchain technology or cryptocurrency. From the first cryptocurrency, to a forked one to a fiat-based cryptocurrency, these are merely the top 3. We hope this helped you learn a little bit more about BTC, Ethereum, XRP, and cryptocurrency, be sure to stay updated on everything Blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICOs, and finances by following the lower link. Unlock a world of information: https://unisile.com/industry/

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