Walmart stores worldwide adopting Blockchain technology

Walmart stores worldwide adopting Blockchain technology

In an era overcome by innovation and availability, companies have to work harder and smarter to ensure they are meeting global standards, especially at the rate of speed advancements are happening.

Blockchain technology was first introduced 10 years ago, through its implication in BTC, but it is only now truly being recognized for its potential aside from cryptocurrency. Although cryptocurrency has revolutionized the financial sector, Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt and improve every industry in the world by ensuring transparency, security, and speed. The architecture of most Blockchains enables a global digital ledger, which can be used to instantly transfer encrypted information that is available to all on the chain. Blockchain technology truly is unlimited, it’s infinite potential may be the reason so many companies are rushing to adopt and integrate it. Companies like Nestle, Coca Cola, and Facebook are all finding ways to better their businesses through Blockchain technology, and while all these names are surely notable, Walmart has had Blockchain technology on the brain for a while now and in so many different ways. The adoption approach Walmart has taken has driven a lot of attention to Blockchain technology on a worldwide scale as they’ve tested it. Their most recent announcement comes from inside the borders of Canada.

Walmart stores first public use of Blockchain technology was in cooperation with IBM and Linux hyperledger to trace food distribution of mangoes in the US and pork in China, they later began adding a variety of additional categories to their tracking. From mangoes and pork to medicine and more. Walmart stores would also go on to branch out to new countries and their niches, such as Indias’ Sams Club and Shrimp delivery, a high economically held item in the country. They were smart with their niche targeting and even smarter with their mass adoption. But Walmart isn’t just interested in using other projects visions, they actually filed a patent for Blockchain operated delivery drones, although they have not made too much publicity about this as of yet, it is still compelling to hear.

Walmart Canada launching Blockchain freight payment system

As Walmart stores worldwide work on the IBM food solution chain, Walmart Canada is hoping to go above and beyond as they introduce their Blockchain technology backed freight and payment system. Walmart Canada not only hopes to make tracking food and deliveries easier but also the process in which payments are made. Walmart will be working with a Blockchain technology firm, DLT Labs, to track deliveries, transaction verification, and payment reconciliation automation, among other things. This announcement may still fall into the Walmart folder, but it is still big news nonetheless as we see Blockchain technology starting to revolutionize another sector in cooperation with one of the biggest stores worldwide. As stated above, Blokchcian technology hodls unlimited potential and still has a long way to go before it peaks an ATH. We are excited to see so many companies taking advantage of the benefits of Blockchain technology for their businesses and consumers. Stay updated on everything Blockchain technology and learn about cryptocurrency by following our crypto clothing shop.

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