IBM company to launch Blockchain technology backed supply chain

IBM company to launch Blockchain technology backed supply chain

IBM has been around and renowned for a very long time, giving them lots of expertise in the business world, also racking up numerous patents and Nobel prizes as a result of their thorough work.

The IBM company was founded in 1911 under the name Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company which was later changed to International Business Machines in 1924. The IBM company was initially registered in New York but now has operations in more than 170 countries, with more than 350,000 employees expanding over the world. As one of the most highly regarded technology companies established, the IBM company manufactures and distributes computer hardware, software, hosting services, cloud storage, AI and more. Some of IBMs most notable achievements and patents are the automated teller machine (ATM); the floppy disk; and the magnetic stripe card, all still regularly being used today. The IBM company and its employees have gone on to win 5 Nobel prizes as well as a variety of other advanced computer recognition prizes, making their mark for innovation in more than one way. This is a company that has made apps, tablets, and printers as a means to meet demand, of course their next and most logical step forward would be an IBM Blockchain.

The IBM Blockchain and what we know

This isn’t IBMs first time dabbling in Blockchain technology as seen by their global payment network and working with Stellar, but this is certainly their strongest approach at adopting the technology. The IBM company is looking to revolutionize the supply chain using Blockchain technology to ensure an incorruptible and transparent system, ensuring a better buying and selling experience. The IBM Blockchain will be called Sterling Supply Chain Suite which will feature a dashboard allowing users to receive a variety of product information from inventory to shipping time to the person confirming quality. The IBM Blockchain utilizes cloud support of data between manufacturers, retailers, shippers, consumers and everyone in between. Some of the companies clients for this blockchain technology backed supply chain include Adidas, Fossil, Home Depot, and Lenovo. The official IBM company website had this to say about their new approach at Blockchain technology:

“IBM Sterling helps you build smarter business networks. Experience always-on connectivity in an open, hybrid-cloud environment that scales with your business, your ecosystem and your future growth. With AI and blockchain technologies, you can solve problems faster and more confidently, thanks to continuous learning and enhanced decision making.”

Blockchain technology taking over the world

The IBM Blockchain hodls great potential for the future of retailing and Blockchain technology, as such a renowned company taking this big step may inspire more businesses to consider the possibilities. Blockchain technology ensures a secure and transparent ledger of information, instantly transferred between P2P, B2B and/ or B2P, but this is just an example of its implication by the IBM company. Blockchain technology has revolutionized the financial sector through cryptocurrency, initially introduced by the Bitcoin white paper, but is now going on to ensure a globally secure, speedy and transparent system which can be incorporated into every sector. There is no truly saying how much more Blockchain technology can innovate our world but we’re excited to see what happens. You can learn more about the benefits of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency by following the lower link:

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