Blockchain games list

Blockchain games list

The Blockchain community is growing as more find out about the vast potential behind the technology, creating ample room for more projects to prosper, some of the newest implication methods being used are within Blockchain games. This Blockchain games list will take you through a variety of games that are breaking and making the space, whether in space or as a kitten, these are just a few of the most highly regarded Blockchain games available. Play to earn with our Blockchain games list below:

CryptoKitties: The first blockchain based game on our Blockchain games list is CryptoKitties, which can also be accredited as one of the first games to give way for more incredible options. CryptoKitties is one of the blockchain games built on the Ethereum Blockchain, and slowed down the general transaction time drastically at one point, as so many people were using the network to trade cats. The game works on NFTs, non-fungible tokens, which act as collectibles the users can buy, sell and breed to create new and rare traits. The games works on the ERC 721 token and has already seen CryptoKitties going for upwards of $150 000 USD.

Hash Rush: Hash Rush is a fantasy blockchain based game set in the faraway galaxy of Hermeian wherein gamers must forage, fight, build and trade their way to success while simultaneously trying to grow their mining colony. Gamers must grow their colony in order to better mine Crypto Crystals The Crypto Crystals can be exchanged for Ethereum; entering competitions; in-game items and other bonuses. User information and progress is instantly saved and stored through Blockchain technology.

The Sandbox: The Sandbox may be a new and hyped up blockchain based game but it’s not new to the space, having launched back in 2012. The game works on a sandbox concept that allows users to create online worlds. Once the game was bought by Animoca, it was reinvented and introduced as ‘The Sandbox Evolution’ which enables games with a 3D, multiplayer and multi-platform gaming experience. The Sandbox hopes to optimize its metaverse and marketplace through the implication of Blockchain technology and its own NFT.

Decentraland: One of the few blockchain games to take off after CryptoKitties, Decentraland is a game based on VR, taking and making reality virtual. The games aim is for each player, and their character, to own LAND which they can customize into bookstores, vinyl cafes and/ or bars. The game works on the Mana cryptocurrency which allows gamers to buy, sell and trade their tokens for other in-game items and upgrades. Benefit from a new world, optimized building tools, and Blockchain when playing in Decentraland.

Age of Rust: Bringing forward some of the most incredible graphics among all blockchain games, Age of Rust is a puzzle-based sci-fi game set in the vast universe. Players can explore galaxies and space stations while on their quests to earn more items and cryptocurrency. Gamers are rewarded with either Ethereum, Bitcoin, Enjin coin or the games native currency, Rustbits, as they progress through quests. Collect clues and crypto as you journey through the high graphic game that is Age of Rust. Take your gaming experience to a whole new level with our Blockchain games list, as your gaming progress is securely and transparently stored. Blockchain is everything gaming has needed to enable a fair and fun time for all players, ensuring an incorruptible system of moving forward and making money. Get your next crypto list and stay updated on everything Blockchain by following the lower link:

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