About Binance coin and exchange

About Binance coin and exchange

As the cryptocurrency community continues to grow in value and numbers, many businesses are on-boarding the technology or adopting it to a greater scale. Binance exchange has always held a prominent position among the community, gathering trust, funds, and growth. The cryptocurrency exchange was originally launched in China in 2017, but later, re-establishing their locations to Japan and Taiwan. Binance exchange became the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange with reason, aside from starting an inclusive and exclusive platform, they have always prioritized their people and innovation. The cryptocurrency community and ecosystem is built on innovation, revolutionizing the financial world and still looking further, they look to support businesses backing the system. Binance exchange is recognized as one of the best global platforms for trading cryptocurrency, but they wanted to do more for the space than selling tokens, they want to revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry. Binance exchange offers a variety of peer-reviewed and verified data for learning through their academy and info sections, as well as offering in-depth analysis for investors researching cryptocurrency. The exchange also offers their labs and launch pad, both simultaneously empowering the cryptocurrency sector, through investing in the future of Blockchain. Binance exchange even boasts a charity for developing global sustainability and advancing Blockchain philanthropy. One exchange expanding into all this, but they didn’t stop there.

Binance coin and their chain

Changpeng Zhao, the Binance exchange founder, wanted to find a solution for all the issues in the cryptocurrency trading infrastructure. Their vision was to act as the solution to a problem not yet realized, much like how Apple electronics went on to privatize their systems, Binance exchange wanted to offer their community the best. Binance coin will act as a filter for Binance exchange, allowing users to pay their fees in BNB as well as using it as a trading pair. The token saw more than a 3000% increase over a year, although this has since dropped, this a far greater % than the increased value of BTC since the beginning of 2019. Binance coin has continued to develop and drive adoption to its chain and cryptocurrency exchange. The business brains behind Binance have brought more forward than the community thought possible as they have now announced their listing as an ISO. This makes Binance coin and exchange the “first company in the cryptocurrency industry to be verified by DNV and UKAS.” In order to receive accreditation of standardization, Binance was examined on 114 criteria for 14 categories, which include asset management and security policies, as well as going through multiple audits. This is what Mr. Zhao had to say on the matter:

“Obtaining the ISO certification is one significant aspect of our security commitment to the industry and our community. We will continue to advance our investment and endeavors in improving cyber security defense.”

Backing cryptocurrency

As read above, Binance exchange and coin have gone the extra mile in ensuring community strength and growth through innovation. The approaches and methods of adoption Binance took are unlike any we’ve seen flourish in the space before, Binance has shown the sphere that every step towards further expansion is a success. Their token may not be to your taste as it works very closely to their exchange, but their efforts can be appreciated by all in the community. As more companies start to adopt cryptocurrency and tokenization, we hope to see more influential and innovative projects progress. The financial sector was and is being revolutionized by Blockchain technology, but the possibilities don’t stop there as the world begins to break down the technology and implement a secure, transparent and speedy transaction method into everything around us. Don’t wait another 9 years to get involved, benefit from the pure intent of Blockchain technology and revolutionize your everyday life. Learn about everything cryptocurrency by following the link: https://unisile.com/industry/

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