A list of Blockchain phones and their benefits

A list of Blockchain phones and their benefits

As cryptocurrency continues to inspire and aspire, many projects and sectors are finding ways to revolutionize the world further. Blockchain technology, the basic building block of cryptocurrency, hodls great potential to refine and redefine every industry. The financial sector was among the first to experience the benefits of Blockchain through cryptocurrency as Bitcoin offered a global monetary solution. Faster, transparent and secure were just a few of Bitcoins boasting points, which have since stimulated more quantitative and quality projects utilizing Blockchain technology to better businesses. Aside from the above, Blockchain technology also brags cloud storage and encryption, plus many more advantages only now being uncovered. It makes perfect sense that every individual should try to utilize Blockchain technology as its moral basis is fair and safe. Now that cryptocurrency is getting the recognized it so rightful deserves from the financial sector, more industries are finding ways to incorporate Blockchain technology. Smartphones may be a recently arising industry, but it is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, which makes sense as to why they’re taking on Blockchain technology. These are a few of the Blockchain phones currently available for you to buy:

Siren Labs Finney:
A flagship operation of Android, the Finny phone was created by Siren labs for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The phone features an embedded cryptocurrency wallet, more than 120 GBs of storage, an advanced cybersecurity suit and dCenter, a dApp play store promoting ‘learn to earn’. Finney is one of the most renowned blockchain phones, being among the first, they have even acquired big influencers and partners, such as Lionel Messi, who support and see the success of Blockchain technology. Retails for $999.

Pundi X BOB:
The ‘Blok on Blok’ blockchain phones were created by Pundi X, a cryptocurrency project breaking headlines. From trying to act as a payment system for an entire festival or moving adoption to Africa, Pundi X intends to use the Function X Blockchain to better your everyday handheld life. Aside from all its Blockchain features, the BOB blockchain phones are also customizable in a DIY kind of way. This Blockchain phone has received praise before and continues to do so as their innovative phone hits the market. Retails for $599

Another flagship project, the KlaytnPhone is a spinoff of the Samsung Galaxy S10, first released in South Korea by Ground X, a South Korean Internet company subsidy. The phone acts and has similar aspects to any other Samsung, additional offering a digital wallet, Ethereum and bitcoin support, Samsung Blockchain Keystore, and 2000 Klay, their native currency. Enjoy your usual Samsung browsing with a touch of brilliance as the KlaytnPhone prepares to go international, although most Galaxy S10s offer some form of cryptocurrency support. Retails for around $1100.

But these aren’t all the Blockchain phones available, just some of the more notable names currently, as Blockchain technology continues to defy corruption and flaws, we will see far greater things to come. But for now, enjoy the benefits of Blockchain technology through cryptocurrency and your phone, and find peace of mind in your power over your life. Learn more about Blockchain technology and how it is changing the world, and phones, by following our crypto clothing shop.

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