A Faketoshi list The old the new and the insane

A Faketoshi list: The old, the new and the insane

A Faketoshi list: The old, the new and the insane BTC first commercially surfaced in 2009, after being released to a cryptography mailing list, from there it aspired and then inspired thousands of cryptocurrency projects to step forward.

However, the creator of BTC is still unknown to this day, although the name Satoshi Nakamoto is the name signed off on the original white paper. The person behind BTC would not only be responsible for the cryptocurrency revolution but also the introduction to Blockchain technology, and all the potential held. Many reporters and personal have tried to track down and identify the individual known as Satoshi Nakamoto, while no success has come from this, others have attempted to call claim to themselves as the creator of BTC. As stated above, Satoshi Nakamoto has created an incredible legacy, so of course, there will be people trying to steal fame from his name. Dorien S Nakamoto was one of the first Faketoshi exposed to the world, because of his heritage and programming background, although he was very quick to dismiss any allegations. In this Faketoshi list, we will cover the people who have claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, not called out, in the strangest of ways:

Craig Wright:
The first Faketoshi on our list is none other than Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist, who is infamous among the BTC community. Craig was first ‘identified’ as the creator of BTC by Wired article in 2015, but these reports were later debunked and labeled as a hoax. But Craig didn’t stop there. What started as a copied and forged signature quickly progressed into chaos. Between the lies, lawsuits and public tantrums, Craig has still to this day provided no legit evidence in proving he is Satoshi Nakamoto. ‘Lost keys’, corrupted files and court cases have secured Craig Wright’s spot in the Faketoshi hall of fame.

James Bilal Khalid Caan:
James Bilal Khalid Caan was a more planned Faketoshi, having prepared pages worth of words, although he did still fail to present sufficient evidence to his identity claim. James originates from Pakistan, having moved his life to the UK, and legally changed his name from Bilal to James. James released a 3 part reveal, which he says properly underlines his work and proof, but all the information he provided is readily available on the internet. The community became increasingly skeptical as he announced a “new and better blockchain” BTC, coming off as another shiller trying to capitalize on the legacy of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Jorg Molt:
The latest Faketoshi and the least likely to be Satoshi Nakamoto is Jorg Molt, a man who first surfaced at a 2019 Las Vegas event where he wandered around claiming to be the “co-founder of BitCoin”, as well as knocking the cap off of a man who called him a scammer. His wedding DJ background and the video his ex-wife made calling him a thief didn’t help his case either, nor does his prior failed attempt at a “BitCoin Insurance”. Jorg came in vague, later stating that he had thought about digital cash before which he believes inspired BitCoin, making him a co-founder. His loose lips and loud words got him the attention he wanted as he continues to push his unlicensed “Satoshi School” syllabus and branded BitCoin champagne.

At the end of the day, it does not necessarily matter who Satoshi Nakamoto is other than market movement, all of the above people have conveniently lost their wallets anyway so their existences really aren’t relevant to the space. Satoshi Nakamoto created BTC as a global solution free of centralization, meaning that even from the start, his intent was probably never to get fame from this revolution. We may never know who the creator of BTC is, but through a lack of evidence, we can be sure it probably isn’t one of the above people. As seen above, each Faketoshi is pushing their agenda, from BSV to renaissance reserves. The main aim of BTC was to give people their financial power back, removing the need for third parties and centralized figures. Be sure to do your own investigation on everything in the cryptocurrency space to ensure your safety, avoiding Faketoshi scams. Stay updated on crypto and learn about Blockchain by following our crypto clothing shop.

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